snow is how deep

Think the Snow is Deep Where you Live? Not by a Long Shot

This snow video is awesome, yet might send you into a panic attack. If you're claustrophobic, look away.

Ahhh, the serene and beautiful snowscape of Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. A playground ripe for snowmobiling on the fresh powder that coats the mountains and valleys. Wait. What's that? The snow's how deep?!?!

We weren't quite sure what to expect when Ben Rego posted this short clip to his Instagram page during the last week of 2016. It begins with Ben standing high atop his snow machine - but then things get crazy.

Be forewarned: if you don't like tight spaces, you might want to shut your eyes.

Just a little deep

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That was pretty insane! We suggest no one try this at home. It makes sense why you're told to stay strictly on trails. Can you imagine trying to drag yourself out of that snow?!

We will admit, it sure looks to be a gorgeous part of the world to play in. Just take a look at another of Ben's clips, this time featuring @sledd4life getting some air:

@sledd4life going big on a drop

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Snow. Those who live down south, you have no idea what you're missing.