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When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Pssst! Turn around. It's freakin' behind you!

This video is pretty comical for a number of reasons. First, it's obviously staged. Second, we wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't a pet hog. But thirdly, it puts a warped spin on the predator-prey relationship, giving us a rare glimpse into what it might be like if the animals decided to hunt us!

It was tough to find any context in regards to this clip. If I had to guess, perhaps Russia is the location. Hard to say. But, since we're watching from the point of the view from the filmmaker, I'd like to think this hunter was far from being in any danger. You'd at least think the person with the camera might toss it down and yell 'help', right?!

Here's the footage. Feel free to insert your own creepy soundtrack:

It does make you pause to think, "what if the tables were turned?" Things that make you go 'hmmm.'

Out of all of the animals in the world, which is the one you'd fear the most being stalked by? I think I'd have a hard time settling on just one, but lion rates up there for me. Yikes!


When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted