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Deer Blinded by Snow and Ice Gets Life-Saving Face Wash

Brent Harr / Duluth News Tribune

This deer had little chance for survival with a snow-encrusted face. Luckily, a good Samaritan (or a good North Dakotan, your choice) stepped in to save the day.

Blizzards have hit North Dakota hard during the first week of December, and as this image of a deer illustrates, humans are not the only ones suffering from the adverse and treacherous conditions.

This doe, literally blinded by thick ice and snow, was spotted on December 8 by Brent Harr while on a service call with Stutsman Rural Water District.

“I found this doe stumbling around and falling down,” Harr said. “I noticed her face was completely covered in ice.”

The doe, which Harr estimated to be between 1 1/2 and 2 years old and weighing between 130 and 140 pounds, was found off to the side of 57th Avenue Northeast near the town of Woodworth.

With the help of a young farmer who was passing by, the pair managed to get the deer to the ground and were able to remove the 2 inches of ice from the deer’s head. Things immediately took a turn for the better once the animal had vision again, and before long, it was bounding away.

This was the first deer rescue for Harr and one he knew he had to make. As he said in an interview with the Duluth Tribune Times, he knew the deer would suffer and would be no match for coyotes and other predators if left in it’s crippling state.


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Deer Blinded by Snow and Ice Gets Life-Saving Face Wash