And February's Moron of the Month Award Goes To...

There's taking risks but then there's just plain stupidity. We wonder if a walleye is really worth it?

We've highlighted a range of morons over the last few months here at Wide Open Spaces. We first met a guy that thought it would be cool to smack a bull moose in the antlers. Next up was the fella who figured he'd get his kicks from  bluff charging a black bear. And to round the year out, we had the dimwit who thought it was a joke to wrestle a rutting whitetail buck. Our first pick for 2017 was the ultimate moron - a guy who thought it would be funny to smack a deer across the head with a text book.

Which brings us to our entry for February. Let's face it, we all love adventure and pushing the envelope from time to time. But we're left wondering if cruising across a frozen lake with water half way up the wheel wells really is the brightest thing to do?

This video was shot February 20 on Upper Red Lake, Minnesota. According to comments on the Facebook post, it had rained all day - resulting in the 'flood' you're about to see. Reports also state there was 20 to 30 inches of ice. Problem is, ice can rapidly change, and the weight of all that water can have a dramatic effect on thickness and consistency. Not to mention, you have a zero chance of spotting pressure cracks or openings.

The thing is, vehicles are not immune from going through thick ice, as we've seen in the past. And this year, with unseasonably warm weather, has been one of the worst for mishaps.

Here's the video. We'll let you judge for yourself:

Reports state that most of the water subsided back down the ice holes hours later. No word on what effect all of that water had on the structure of the ice.

We're are happy to hear that these folks at least had the windows open and life jackets on...

So, what are your thoughts? Astonishingly stupid, or perfectly safe? As for us, we just don't think it's worth the risk for a walleye or two.