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15 Photos of Ice Fishing Fails: Cars & Trucks Edition

These folks probably wish they had walked. Check out these ice fishing fails that all involve vehicles getting wet.

It routinely happens each and every ice fishing season. Thin ice, pressure cracks, or current areas swallow up those vehicles that risk venturing out onto the hard water with fish on their minds.

It's always a safe bet to walk out if unsure of condition or run the risk of ending up like these folks - and the ultimate ice fishing fails.

1. "Relax, Jimmy. Walking out is still fine."

2. At least the lights still work.

3. Two for the price of one.

4. So much for free parking.

5. "Pretty sure I can still salvage this rear bumper."

6. "It's ok, fellas. I'll do it all myself."

7. Last rites.

8. When the HEMI is too heavy.

9. "Have 'er out in a jiffy, boys."

10. "Seriously. I saw this on YouTube, Phil."

11. "Let's go ice fishing, they said. It will be fun, they said."

12. Looks like a write-off.

13. "I knew that rust proofing would pay for itself one day."

14. "Cheer up, Tim. Have you seen how beautiful that sunset is?"

15. "This fish dinner is going to cost me."

Be safe on the ice this season. Your vehicle will thank you.