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Adorable Three-Year-Old Ices His First Lake Trout

“I got a big fishy!” The squeals of delight are adorable as this youngster reels in his first lake trout through the ice.

There is no moment more proud than watching your son hook and land his very first lake trout while out for a day of ice fishing.

Shawn Banks and three-year-old son Colby shared this wonderful bonding experience while fishing together last winter. Big credit to Colby – he handles that rod like a professional!

Check out this momentous catch – and the delightful squeals of joy that will be sure to make your heart smile.

Getting kids hooked on fishing should be a top priority for all parents. Pretty easy to see that this proud dad has a fishing partner for life. Your best outdoor partner can often be the one you raise to enjoy it, and Colby is certainly on his way to being an excellent outdoorsman if this video is any sign.

It’s always nice, too, to see a kid land his first lake trout – who knows if this was his first time out on the ice with his dad, but this excitement will definitely make him want to head out to the hut more often as he grows up.

High five, Colby. Great catch!


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Adorable Three-Year-Old Ices His First Lake Trout