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Terri Irwin & Her Kids Are Carrying On Steve's Legacy

Steve and Terri Irwin married in June 1992 and immediately began their life together. The famous couple teams up to film several wildlife documentaries, build an amazing zoo, and later give birth to two incredible children.

According to the Australia Zoo, Steve and Terri's wildlife documentaries brought Queensland's Australia Zoo to the world stage, attracting visitors from across the world to the Sunshine Coast.

"While Terri lost her soulmate, Steve, she continues to be a passionate wildlife spokesperson and a conservation icon. She actively speaks out and supports conservation issues around the world. Terri is determined to dedicate the rest of her life to wildlife and conservation, fulfilling Steve's legacy with the support of Bindi and Robert."

After Steve passed away following a stingray attack, Terri continued to carry on his legacy as did his two children, daughter Bindi and son Robert.

What are the Irwin kids doing today?

They are Aussie icons!

Celebrating Terri's birthday!

Crikey! Robert Irwin takes after dad!

The Irwin family is busy!

This past summer, Bindi Irwin announced on Instagram that she and husband Chandler Powell are expecting their first child together. How adorable is the announcement? Everyone wishes that Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, was still alive to meet his grandchildren.

Perhaps all the grandkids will grow up to be Australian wildlife warriors like their parents.

Robert Irwin is also a conservationist and wonderful wildlife photographer; His Instagram is beyond impressive. The photos show him feeding a croc to beautiful tigers at their zoo.

Their late father would be so proud of all they've achieved. Steve's death was a tragedy and we all miss him.

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