Appalachian Wildlife Refuge Wants Your Used Mascara

Can you guess why?

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in Skyland, North Carolina cares for lots of little wild animals. The babies come into their care for a multitude of reasons, whether they are newly orphaned or have been injured. When the wild animals come into the refuge they are first brushed out to rid them of lice, fleas, fly eggs and larvae.

Have you guessed why the wildlife rehabilitation wants your old mascara yet?

The brushes are perfect to use on the little animals! The bristles are pliable and close together, ensuring all the nasty little bugs get brushed out of fur and feathers. The soft brushing is also a way to calm the scared wild animals.

Little ducklings like the gentle mascara wands.

As do little opossums.

The Wands for Wildlife project started in 2017, when co-founder Savannah Trantham first asked for help to care for their orphaned wildlife, specifically in the form of old wands. The request quickly caught fire and people across the country sent in their old mascara makeup rather than throw them away. Within weeks the volunteer-run nonprofit refuge had 2000 old mascara wands to use as animal brushes!

Even the makeup departments from Cosmopolitan and NBC's "Blacklist" started collecting their throwaway mascara brushes and sending them in.

If you want to donate your old mascara, please wash them in hot soapy water to remove residual makeup. You can send them to:

Wands for Wildlife
P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776

Alternatively, you can host a Wands for Wildlife Wandraiser Gathering with your friends, family, or community of animal lovers to collect lots of mascara wands before they go to the landfill! You can also check out the wildlife rehab center's Amazon wishlist to see what else they need to help save wild animals in the Western North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. The non-profit organization always appreciates monetary donations as well!

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has seen such amazing support with their Wands for Wildlife program. They are now planning on opening a Wildlife Urgent Care Facility complete with a new triage facility to help rescue and rehabilitate more orphaned animals in the region.

What do you think of this recycling program? Tell us in the comments below. 

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