The Newest Beauty Blogger Doesn't Actually Have Thumbs...

Malachi is such a talented makeup artist. 

He knows just what features he needs to highlight and for what occasion. Whether it is for a casual walk around the neighborhood or if it's for a jaunt to the dog park, Malachi knows how to make your dog look his or her best. This tutorial is for blue to grey fur tones.

Check out Malachi's expert makeup tutorial:

This funny makeup tutorial is a parody; don't worry, no makeup was used on Malachi. The video was created by Noelani G who rescues, fosters, and adopts pit bulls. She has a successful Instagram page and YouTube channel featuring her pups, but when she shared Malachi's makeup tutorial on Twitter, it went viral.

Malachi's makeup tips are so popular that the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times and has over 45k retweets. Dog lovers everywhere want to spread Malachi's tips on looking fabulous, and use his hashtag #malachisbottomlip.


After Malachi's first tutorial, he received many requests with help on different fur tones. Not all dogs have his beautiful blue-grey color. So, he decided to do a second makeup tutorial on his sister Nala.

"As you can see," Malachi tells us, "she has a very golden fur tone, with a normal to dry furplexion."

See what magic Malachi creates with his makeup brush:

The way he covered those dark eye circles! Malachi is a genius with makeup and really puts in a nice touch with a fabulous necklace accessory.

Of course, no look of Malachi's is complete without his signature, natural lip gloss. He really just accentuates whatever natural attributes the dog has. It's beautiful to watch.

The last makeup tutorial was posted to YouTube on January 9th, and dog beauty enthusiasts everywhere are waiting for another with bated dog breath.

We love you too, Malachi!

What do you think of Malachi's beauty tutorials? Tell us in the comments below. 

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