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Taylor Drury Makes a Perfect Shot on a 160-Inch Missouri Monster

This is what hunting is all about.

Throughout the long summer, we spend a ton of time watching and picking out our target bucks for the following season. It is always a sweet feeling when the plan comes together, and you end up downing that monster buck that you worked so hard for all year. It is even more rewarding when you also make a perfect shot on that deer.

Taylor Drury has long been one of our favorite female hunters to watch because she always seems to be pursuing a true monster every season. In the 2019 season, she is targeting a beautiful, perfect 10-pointer that the Drury family have nicknamed "Morris" after she missed an opportunity at the deer due to a Maren Morris concert.

After missing an opportunity at the buck right in front of her stand earlier, she ends up downing the massive whitetail shortly after when he makes the mistake of walking the same path again. Taylor ends up making an incredible shot that downs the beast before he can get too far.

The Drury family sure know how to get on top of a big deer and pursue him until they get their deer. It seems Taylor's decision to go to a Maren Morris concert the first night the buck showed up will not come back to bite her. Fortunately, this big boy kept up the pattern he had followed a few nights prior, giving Taylor a prime shot opportunity. Even if it was a little nerve-wracking waiting for him to cross that field.

Taylor's shot appeared to be a perfect double lung behind the shoulder. With all that blood pumping out, there was no way this deer was going to go very far. That is why that shot remains our favorite for both a bow and a rifle. Any shot there is going to result in a dead deer.

What a great memory for Taylor to share with her father. We are already looking forward to seeing what the Drury family bags in the upcoming 2021 seasons!

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