Drury Outdoors Switches To Mathews Bows!
Photo via Drury Outdoors

Drury Outdoors Switches to Mathews Bows

After using PSE Archery for the past 13 years, the Drurys just sent shockwaves through the hunting community by announcing that they're switching to Mathews.

While Drury Outdoors had partnered with PSE Archery for well over a decade, PSE decided to head in a different direction and elected not to renew their partnership going forward. But with every new ending comes a beginning, and the Drurys have made the major announcement this morning that they're now partnering with Mathews Archery.

Mathews has long been known as one of the leaders in the archery community, and both camps are very excited for what the future holds with their partnership.

Mark and Terry Drury had this to say about making the switch:

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The folks at Mathews eat, sleep, and breathe whitetails, just like we do. That passion for deer hunting is matched only by their drive to engineer cutting-edge archery equipment. The entire Drury Outdoors team is proud to represent this legendary brand!

As you can imagine, the folks at Mathews Archery are just as excited for this new partnership. Brad Treu, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mathews Archery, said:

The Drury name has been an authority in the outdoor and whitetail space for decades. Their vast media channels reach a wide demographic of hunters allowing them to educate through their innovative tactics. We're excited to see our brands come together as we push to elevate the sport of archery.

Tim Kjellesvik, along with Terry, Matt, and Mark Drury made their announcement on Monday, August 3rd through the Drury Outdoors 100% Wild Podcast as well as through the DeerCast App. You can hear what they had to say about their thanks for so many good years with PSE and their enthusiasm moving forward with Mathews in their own words below.

In particular, Mark Drury said the experience of shooting his new Mathews bow was akin to the feel of a youth bow with a 25-30 pound draw weight, but that the new Mathews bow delivered top end accuracy and velocity. A bow that easy to shoot, but that's still capable of incredible performance has the potential to be absolutely deadly on whitetail this fall!

The Drury Outdoors team will be hunting with the brand new Mathews 2020 VXR bow this fall. Be sure to follow how the season goes for everybody with their new bows through the DeerCast App.

You can access DeerCast at DeerCast.com or download the DeerCast mobile app through the Apple App Store or Android's Google Play.

The Drury Outdoors team also has a relationship with Winchester Ammunition, Traditions muzzleloaders, and Mossy Oak camo, among others.

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