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Anti-Hunters Make It a Point to Ruin Man's Hunt

You'll surely get mad when you see how these rude anti-hunters interfered with a legal bow hunt on private property in Missouri.

When extreme bad weather made travel too hazardous to head back out to where he arrowed that monster 19-point buck back in November, Tim Kjellesvik decided to hunt some private property in St. Louis County instead. He had permission from the landowner, who wanted the deer herd thinned out a bit in the area.

However, the neighbors had other ideas and they did their best to make sure no deer came his way.

Watch the video to see the anti-hunting neighbors make absolute fools out of themselves while trying to ruin Tim's hunt:

Unfortunately, they were successful in their goal and Tim did not end up seeing any deer on this hunt after the neighbors had their "puppy party" out in the street. His friend, who was hunting on the other side of the property, did see a couple of nice bucks but were spooked by all the noise the neighbors were making before coming into range.

While they may feel like they have good intentions by trying to "protect" Bambi from the cruel hunters, harassing hunters is illegal.

Tim did make a good point, though, that it probably wasn't worth trying to confront the neighbors, or otherwise escalating the situation. The landowner was out of town and they didn't want to call the police or get into a dispute with the neighbors without talking to him first.

In any case, he got some good footage of how these anti-hunters interfered with his hunt. Perhaps showing them how foolish they sounded, along with explaining that they were breaking the law, and perhaps even trying to educate them about the benefits of ethical hunting, will make them easier to deal with next deer season.

Will it work? Who knows, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, the police may need to get involved next year.

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