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Next Time You’re Attacked by an Anti-Hunter, Show Them This on the Benefits of Hunting

Next Time Someone Calls You A Being Blood-Thirsty Killer Because You're A Hunter, Show Them This Video Explaining The Benefits of Hunting

This video by the German Hunting Association does a great job of explaining the benefits of hunting in simple and easy to understand terms.

Far from being the bloodthirsty animal murders that anti-hunters try to paint them as, hunters are actually some of the biggest supporters of conservation in the world. Unfortunately, this fact often gets lost in the noise. However, the German Hunting Association just released an outstanding video explaining the benefits of hunting to animal populations in an effort to help inform the general population. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation translated the video into English, which you can see below.

Before you watch the video, keep in mind that it was originally produced for a European audience. That is why they refer to hunting Roe and Red Deer in the video and why they describe raccoons as an invasive species. However, despite these minor differences, the overall message of the video and the benefits of hunting remain the same in North America, Africa, and the rest of the world. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Your average non-hunter just don’t know very much about hunting other than what they see on TV and what anti-hunting organizations tell them. Obviously, these groups do not have the best interests of hunters in mind, so it is up to us as hunters to inform them of the benefits of hunting.

It’s not necessary to convert everyone into hunters, but if we at least show them all of the good things that hunting does (and has done) for conservation to the benefit of wildlife, we can hopefully keep the majority of them from supporting anti-hunting initiatives.

For more information on how hunting benefits conservation that you use to help educate non-hunters, you can also check out this article discussing the positive impacts of hunting on animal populations in Africa.

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Next Time You’re Attacked by an Anti-Hunter, Show Them This on the Benefits of Hunting