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You Need to See This Massive 19-Point Missouri Whitetail Just Taken in the Ozarks

You Need To See This Massive, 19 Point Missouri Whitetail Just Taken In The Ozarks

You’ve got to see this incredible, 19-point Missouri whitetail deer just taken with a bow in the Ozarks to believe it. 

Tim Kjellesvik (also known as The Thinking Woodsman) was deer hunting in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri when he got a shot at “the deer of a lifetime.” Now, that’s a term that gets thrown around a lot, but I’m not using it lightly when I describe this buck: a 19-point Missouri whitetail is a rare beast indeed.

Even when you’re hunting in a location known for producing massive deer, B&C bucks don’t grow on trees. They’re even more rare in places like the Ozarks.

Check out the video to see how the hunt went down.

Look at the neck on that brute! Congratulations on such a massive buck, Tim!

I’m sure his heart was about to pound out of his chest when he took the shot (I know mine would have been). The fact that he shot this deer with a bow and managed to get high-quality video of the entire hunt makes the experience that much more special. We can all re-live it with him.

Though it’s too early to officially score the buck, it has a “green score” of 162.5″ on the Boone & Crockett scale. While the score will go down a little after the rack dries out, that is still a massive Missouri whitetail, no matter how you slice it!

This just goes to show that there are giant whitetail deer located all over the United States (even in spots that don’t have reputations for producing big bucks), you’ve just got to look for them in the right places.

For those who are interested, Tim was hunting with Devil’s Backbone Wilderness Outfitters in southern Missouri.

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You Need to See This Massive 19-Point Missouri Whitetail Just Taken in the Ozarks