turkey call
YouTube: David Martin Studios

T.K. & Mike Try Turkey Calling in Classic Clip

Remember this classic turkey hunting skit from T.K. & Mike Outdoors? 

We could all use a good laugh at the end of another long and hard work week. Since it's almost turkey season in most parts of the country, we figured it was time for a classic clip from "Outdoors with T.K. & Mike."

You may remember these guys released a serious of hilarious hunting videos in the late 90s. They were advertised in every major hunting magazine at the time.

This time, T.K. and Mike are demonstrating their awesome turkey-calling skills. As per usual with these guys, things don't go quite according to plan and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

"That's just about the most inconsiderate thing I ever seen anybody do in my life!"

How many of you have a hunting buddy who would have that exact same reaction in this hilarious situation?

We certainly needed that laugh after a week like this. In many ways, T.K. Browning and Mike Vick were both far, far ahead of their time with these videos. These skits are like the things you find on many popular hunting YouTube channels these days. However, T.K. and Mike managed to go viral without the help of the Internet! The thing that made it work was how genuine it felt. This was a couple of regular hunting buddies from the backwoods of Alabama having a bit of fun.

This duo made eight hilarious hunting videos before T.K. passed away due to complications with cancer in 2001. Mike made a few more videos after T.K. passed, but it was always the videos with the two hunting buddies that we enjoyed the most. Rest in peace T.K.

We are just happy to see their videos now circulating the Internet and helping put smiles on new faces all these years later.

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