8 Fun Videos That Show the Lighter Side of Being a Gun Owner

Gun owners with a sense of humor are our favorite kind.

Gun owners with a sense of humor...

You know, our NRA brothers and sisters who love gun rights, shun the anti-gun nonsense, and live for the Second Amendment. We are the common sense, gun safety approved communities that see self defense as a duty to ourselves and those around us.

Gun control to us means knowing your target and what's beyond. We're all about following the rules.

We don't care if you're Republicans or Democrats, as long as you understand that the U.S. Bill of Rights grants each and every one of us the right to bear arms and proudly carry guns into the woods, fields, and onto our local gun ranges everywhere.

Having said all that, it comes to mind that to our favorite pastime belongs to those of us who believe that shooting should be as much fun as it can be serious business. Included herein are those who set out to shoot, plink, or otherwise fire guns, and found that, with a little cleverness, they could have some great fun with their bullets.

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1. Hitting Every Target

2. Compilation of Fun

3. Aim Higher

4. Kids Get To Have Fun Too

5. 'Tis The Season

6. "Daytona" Dan Jackson

7. The Hunting Novice

8. Strip Strip Goose

For gun lovers whose favorite t-shirt is emblazoned with their favorite Glock, we salute you.

Gun ownership is all about obeying the gun laws that are already in place, and making sure that legislation is never passed that could threaten our Second Amendment rights.

In the meantime, have fun, be safe, and keep enjoying the thrill of shooting guns!

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