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Gun Range Safety and Range Rules for the New or Unfamiliar Shooter

Here's a basic introduction the gun range safety and etiquette rules for new shooters or for folks who may be unfamiliar with shooting at a gun range.

Randy Newberg and his son Matthew present a very solid walk-through of the rules and gun range safety policies found at most shooting ranges.

This video should provide a good primer for new shooters or even experienced shooters who are unfamiliar with gun range etiquette and policies.

If you've never been to a shooting range before, it can be an intimidating experience. This needn't be the case. There seem to be a lot of rules and things to keep in mind, but practically all of the rules are common sense safety rules, and many of them you are probably aware of and hopefully already practice as a matter of habit.

If you are a new shooter or new to the gun range environment, I suggest that you first go to a range during a busy time when other shooters are there, and that you leave your guns at home. Go to simply observe the protocols practiced by the shooters and soak up the atmosphere.

You'll be more relaxed when you return to do some shooting, and you'll be less likely to make safety errors due to the stress associated with doing something for the first time. You'll also find out if the range is suitable for your needs.

Rewatch Newberg's video and be sure to bring eye and hearing protection as you observe and familiarize yourself with the place.

Shooting at a professional gun range is a lot of fun. Soon you'll be as comfortable as can be. Good shooting!

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