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Little Hunter Drops Some Hilarious Relationship Wisdom at Deer Camp

Little Hunter
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This little hunter has already got it all straight, just don't tell his mom or his future girlfriend!

This little guy has a mile-wide about hunting and we get it.

It's just that his future girlfriend or wife will always have this cute video to hit him over the head with for the rest of his days.

It's all fun and games with this little guy who has it all figured out. He even holds his 7 Up like a man!

Now you just have to sit back for a few moments and hear it in his own words.

Raising them right lol Katie Meyer, Justin Meyer

Posted by Rusty Smerek on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Just the facial expressions alone of that little hunter say it all, but once you hear the tone of his voice you'll be laughing hysterically all day long! Remember when we talked like this? Yeah, me neither.

In the video, the little fellow in the full camouflage outfit can be heard saying "I don't want a girl; I don't want, like, a wife because once they say 'You can't go hunting.' I'll just go like, 'Well, I'm going huntin' right now! You ain't gonna tell me what to do!'"

Starting them young has never been so hilarious for those of us who taught our kids the beauty of hunting and the great outdoors. It's just that this little hunter has an attitude way beyond his years.

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Little Hunter Drops Some Hilarious Relationship Wisdom at Deer Camp