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Before the Beards: Outdoors with T.K. and Mike [VIDEO]

The Outdoors with T.K. and Mike, or Outdoors with Mike and T.K., videos are worthy of your time.

T. K. Browning and Mike Vick are the pioneers of successful outdoor entertainment, although never gaining more than regional fame.

The Outdoors with T.K. and Mike video series started in 1996 with a couple of good ole boys from Alabama putting on film what came naturally to them. What sets them apart from other attempts at outdoor comedy is that they both have legitimate chops as actors and comedians. They are very expressive and believable. Both have a good sense of comedic timing.

Additionally, the videos, though obviously shot with little to no budget, make good use of what the boys did have to work with. The comedy is mostly slapstick but smart and largely original. You will recognize a lot of their bits as copied by others who followed.

Even more rare, the videos are largely as family friendly as they are funny.

Sadly, T. K. Browning passed away in 2001 after a battle with cancer.

At that time, there were eight videos in the Outdoors with T. K. and Mike video series. Mike Vick carries on and is still producing videos under the brand. Although short video clips are easily found online, give these boys the due they so richly deserve by checking out their website,

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Before the Beards: Outdoors with T.K. and Mike [VIDEO]