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Suppressed .22 Rifle Takes Out Coyote

suppressed .22 rifle takes out coyote

What's the quietest way to take out a coyote from a deer stand?

Deer-killing coyotes got you down this season? Keep seeing them during your hunts? Well, this hunter did something about it.

In a video shared by YouTuber What I Do Outdoors, we find this hunter in his stand with a quiet weapon. He has a suppressed .22 caliber rifle ready to go when a coyote closes in. It's lights out for the alpha predator when a .22-caliber bullet finds its mark.

Whether you can use a suppressed .22 rifle or a bow, quietly removing coyotes will help the local game populations. Even during deer season, these predators should not get a free pass to continue killing. Keep the population in check and target them whenever you get the chance.

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Suppressed .22 Rifle Takes Out Coyote