German Drilling combination rifle and shotgun

Sunday Gunday: Lust-Inducing German Drilling Combination Rifle and Shotgun

Sometimes, you see a firearm, and it's love at first sight.

This incredible German Drilling combination rifle and shotgun is just impossible not to lust over.

It's no secret that one of my dream guns is a drilling combination gun. This truly utilitarian weapon is armed with two side-by-side shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel slung underneath them. A selector allows the shooter to choose the rifle or shotgun barrel at a moment's notice. That could surely come in handy when out afield.

This European design was originally meant for hunting seasons in Europe. When hunting seasons historically opened, everything was in season at one time. You might find small game, fowl or stag deer. If wild boar was the focus of the hunt then heavy hitting shotgun slugs such as Brennekes or even heavy buckshot backed up the rifle barrel for close quarters combat. Nothing quicker that a double barrel shotgun right? Well this one had distance too with that rifle barrel attached.

Well, let's take a look at this German beauty. Made by Heym, this drilling is actually a hundred-year anniversary weapon with markings, "1865-1965" ornately displayed on the bottom of the receiver. Deep chiseled engravings and gold inlays beg the gun enthusiast to pick up this weapon up and drool over it.

This beautiful weapon is not just all looks either. The shotgun barrels are chambered for 16 gauge and the rifle barrel is chambered for a rimmed 7x55mm cartridge. Now that has long range, short range and everything else in one package.

Do you want to own this work of art? Well, you're too late. This drilling sold on back in 2011 for an incredible $4,500. Better start saving your pennies for the next time you see something like it at your local gun show.