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6 Reasons Gun Shows are the Greatest American Tradition


Gun shows are one of the greatest American traditions. Here are six reasons we enjoy what they offer.

Gun shows have become a huge source of entertainment for many Americans, and gun lovers around the world. My enjoyment of gun shows started at the age of eighteen when my uncle took me to the local fairgrounds for a gun show. The year was 1993, and there were cases of Russian and Chinese SKS’ for sale. As I remember, the Chinese SKS rifles were $80 each. Those were the days!

The deals are still there for many guns, but perhaps not as deeply discounted as they were 20+ years ago.

Guns And Helmets

Here are six reasons why we have a great time at gun shows:

1. Used gear in great shape

There is always plenty of great used gear available at gun shows. Much of this equipment is American made, and tougher than nails. Full priced, new, imported gear doesn’t stand the test of time as the vintage stuff has and continues to do.

2. Rare items on display

Where else can you find collectibles of military or sporting history? Looking for collectible knives, practice grenades or helmets? The list goes on! It is a museum where you can buy the exhibits. That’s a rarity.

bonanza guns 1
Gun Auction

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3. Items from your youth

I just bought a Crossman air rifle from my childhood in great working order for $20. I feel like a kid again.

4. Lessons in history

Every time I go to a show I learn something new. I learned more about Schrade knives on my last visit, along with other lessons. Open your eyes, and ears, and you will learn a lot.

5. Each table has an unexpected, and different offering

Think of a garage sale with possibly more than 250 tables of outdoor gear from different sellers? Needless to say, it’s an amazing offering which will open your eyes, and alert you to great deals which you may have never thought possible otherwise.

6. True to American tradition

What is more American than a swap show celebrating our Second Amendment Rights?

Gun And Constitution

There are many more reasons to stop by your local gun show than just guns. Check out the accessories, and everything else that is a part of the great hunting and shooting traditions which we all enjoy.

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6 Reasons Gun Shows are the Greatest American Tradition