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Check Out the All-New Nosler RDF™ Rifle Bullets for Killer Long Distance Accuracy

Nosler RDF™ rifle bullets

Nosler's new RDF™ precision bullet line is the next step in the evolution of the accurate bullet.

With the highest ballistic coefficients and smallest consistent meplats on a hollowpoint match rifle bullet, they will be a big hit with the long distance shooter.

What does the RDF actually stand for? Well, that would be Reduced Drag Factor. This rifle match bullet is set to take the shooting world by storm. Below is a cross section of this remarkable bullet.


The Nosler RDF™ Rifle Bullet is an ultra-high BC hollowpoint match bullet. The extremely small and flat meplat has no peer in any competitor's bullet lineup. Exact tolerances lead to exceptional accuracy. Nosler has gotten the point, as shown below.


The flattest trajectories combined with the least wind drift possible: that's what the Nosler RDF™ rifle bullets are all about. The optimized compound ogive makes it easier for handloaders to load, since it is touted to be insensitive to bullet seating depth within the case. Now, that is indeed impressive. Its boattail design also reduces drag.

John Nosler, Executive Vice President of Nosler, stated:

"Our engineers were challenged with delivering a bullet that would drastically reduce aerodynamic drag and increase ballistic consistency, providing shooters with an indisputable advantage in the field. What we achieved is a leap in match bullet technology that we predict will become the winning differentiator for shooters across the country, and around the globe."

The new Nosler RDF™ rifle bullets will be available in these calibers:

  • 22cal 70gr.--G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.416 | G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.211
  • 6mm 105gr.--BC field verification in process
  • 6.5mm 140gr.--BC field verification in process
  • 30cal 175gr.--G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.536| G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.270

Check out Nosler's Website for more information on the new and exciting Nosler RDF™ rifle bullets. They certainly are set to be game changers in the world of long-distance shooting.

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Check Out the All-New Nosler RDF™ Rifle Bullets for Killer Long Distance Accuracy