combination tomahawk and pistol

SUNDAY GUNDAY: Cool Tomahawk-Pistol... Wait, What?!

Ever seen a tomahawk with a hidden pistol inside?

Well, this incredible weapon build is all beauty and power. This combination tomahawk and pistol is an absolute work of art.

Javier Vogt shared on his Facebook page a video of a weapon like no other. It is a custom-built tomahawk with an actual pistol hidden within it named the Cut 'N Shoot/Axe Gun.

Emerging from its presentation case, this weapon looks like a really beautiful tomahawk build. It has a tomahawk style blade with a pointed tip on top of the blade head. The handle has a hammer, when cocked, allows a hidden trigger to drop into position. The pointed tip flips forward exposing the actual pistol muzzle. Absolutely incredible! The accouterments inside of the presentation case make this muzzleloading weapon ready to load and fire.

Can you imagine the work that went into making this very unique weapon? Now that is one very impressive weapon we wish we had in our collections. Javier Vogt you sir are a gunsmith and a bladesmith that is a cut above the rest.