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6 Photos That Show the Brilliance of the Gunsmith [PICS]

NRA Blog

Gunsmithing is an art that sometimes takes a lifetime to master.

These master gunsmiths have what it takes to impress even the sharpest critic's eye.

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Check out these works of art.

Master engraver Gregor Stoegner has created alpine hunting scenes in deep relief. Stock carving also makes this beautiful rifle a work of art.

Krieghoff International


This heavily engraved and gold-inlaid Browning .22 rifle made in Belgian was made for an author of the book "The Gatling Gun." Donald Toppel's rifle has a barrel engraved with a vine pattern and gold inlaid. Hunting dogs, pheasants and ducks adorn the rifle.

Live Auction Group


This .700 Nitro Magnum Holland & Holland double rifle is very ornate. The ivy style engraving and the elephants just pop out from the rifle itself. Too pretty to pop elephants with though.

NRA Blog


This fine-engraved Merkel drilling combination shotgun/rifle is a dream. Imagine the hours of gunsmithing taken to finish this drilling. This versatile firearm sure is easy on the eyes too.

Double Gun Shop


For the tactical crowd, Jesse James is now in the firearms rebuild market. This fully rebuilt pre-World War Two Chilean Army BAR .308 caliber rifle was engraved by Tay Harrera. This BAR has a life of its own and a soul now.

Jesse James Firearms Unlimited


A close-up of the engraved stock.

Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

Gunsmiths can take the old mundane firearm and turn it into a work of art. They are the true artists of the sporting world. Long live the art of the gunsmith.


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6 Photos That Show the Brilliance of the Gunsmith [PICS]