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Looking Back on the 40-Shot Chain Pistol

Guycot 40-Shot Chain Pistol
YouTube: Forgotten Weapons

The 1878 Guycot 40-Shot Chain Pistol was one of a kind.

This 40-shot pistol dates way back to 1878.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons checks out the incredibly high-capacity Guycot 40-Shot Chain Pistol.

Question of the day: in how many states or areas is this pistol illegal to own currently?

With a total of 40 shots the French Invented Guycot Chain Pistol was very much ahead of its time.

The blackpowder cartridges were loaded into a chain and forwarded until 40 rounds were loaded. Think about the modern-day Glock 17 9mm pistol that only holds 17 rounds. With 10-round magazine restrictions or worse in some states, this antique weapon could easily outclass a modern pistol in firepower.

Great job Ian from Forgotten Weapons for finding such an unusual weapon. Thank you for keeping firearm history alive.


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Looking Back on the 40-Shot Chain Pistol