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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hunting Knife

So you want to buy a hunting knife?

This step by step process will get you the right hunting knife and send you down the research path with quality questions at hand.

1. What will you be hunting?


While it is true a tiny pocket knife can and has skinned out large game it surely is not the right pick. A Bowie sized knife is not the right pick for rabbits either.

2. What kind of knife do you prefer?

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The fixed blade knife is the best pick for hammering through pelvic bones of large game. A folding knife is just fine though for lighter game. The lock back knife does however offer the safety of not flipping a sharp blade onto your fingers when using it. This from personal experience tends to hurt.

3. What contour is ideal for your needs?

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While many are quite fond of the spear tip blade, a more gently swept blade makes skinning game easier while decreasing the chances of rupturing an organ. A drop point blade might be a more practical selection.

4. New or used?

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While there are many good blades out in current productions some real dandies can be picked up at gun shows and flea markets. Those old time knives such as Western had great edge holding ability over the modern imported knives. These old blades also have a lot of style and history.

5. Leather or synthetic sheath?

Leather is a great traditional material that holds up to hard use. If the knife is stored in it long term though the acids in the leather can corrode blades. Synthetics may not have the class as the old leather styles do but a quality sheath will last a long time. Stay away from the cheap imports on either style.

6. Have you talked to other hunters?

Talk to other hunters and see what they use. Shop around and check prices. Word of caution. Buy the very best quality blade you can afford. You will be glad you did in the long run.



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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hunting Knife