rifle kabooms

#SundayGunday: 7 Rifle Kabooms That Will Make You Think Twice About Squeezing the Trigger

Ever think about the possibility your rifle could explode?

If the conditions are wrong, everything can go south quick.

These seven rifle kabooms are all about when rifles come apart in the most incredibly scary ways.

7. That doesn't look right...

The picture below was a BOHICA Arms AR-15 .510 DTC rifle upper that came apart in a bad way and messed up the shooter quite badly. This shooter pushed too hard and had an out of battery detonation when he tried to shoot reloads that would not fit in the chamber. 

6. Split shot

This Marlin .444 caliber lever action rifle is a splendid example of a rifle kaboom. It did a terrible job on the shooter's left hand. I smell a barrel obstruction, or some such catastrophe.

5. Deconstructed

This is what happens when you fire a 6mmBR cartridge in a .223WSSM Browning A Bolt Rifle. Check your ammo for the correct cartridge before you start shooting.

4. Wrong kind of BANG!

Well that rifle must have made quite a sound when it turned into a grenade.

3. Oh look a pretty flower...

Wait, that's your rifle shot with a barrel obstruction.

2. Shrapnel

Even a modern inline muzzleloader can kaboom with dire consequences.

1. Bare-Lee Missed

This M1895 Lee Navy Rifle actually broke in half. This rifle sadly cost the shooter his life over a possible bad reloaded cartridge.

Scared yet? Well have no fear if you follow a few tips this won't happen to you. Do not shoot other's reloaded ammunition. If you are a reloader, watch your work carefully. Always watch for barrel obstructions. Squib loads, mud, old grease, or your cleaning rod or boresighter left in the barrel will make short work of you and your rifle. Shoot only the correct ammunition in good shape.

It is that simple.

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