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8 Times Militant Vegans Went WAY Too Far

Animal Liberation Front via Twitter

The vegan avengers are at it again, and this time they're drooling all over themselves. Here are eight times they lost their minds.

You know when you've had a hard day at the vegan militant camp when you can only come up with posts like these. Here are some of the more head-scratching things they've done to try and get someone's attention, and it's not working very well.

1. The Killing Ratio

stupid tuesday

Fortunately, a good hen can lay 200-300 eggs a year, far higher than the reproduction rate of homo sapiens.

2. Holocaust Update

stupid tuesday
Animal Awareness

Does that include all the bugs you killed with your car or the spiders and flies you sprayed with chemical weapons?

3. Wrong and Right

stupid tuesday
Eight of March

I noticed a couple of edible plants in that picture. Does this mean you're not eating anything this year?

4. Cruel

The Green Boat

Any stupid thing to create a stir.

5. Oh Say Can You See...

stupid tuesday
Anti Hunt Memes

This account officially has four tweets and 11 followers. Go figure.

6. Killing Stuff

stupid tuesday
Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs

They can't explain it either.

7. Shoot Selfies

stupid tuesday
My Vegan Dreams

Because that's all their good at anyway.

8. Help Get This One Taken Down

stupid tuesday

This is officially the cover photo of the Twitter/Anti-Hunting page (@AntiHunting) They're using what appears to be a stolen photograph of a father and his son with a beautiful buck. Find me the hunter who allowed this picture to be on this page, and I'll gladly retract the statement.

Give them an inch. They never stop, and neither do we. Stay tuned for more of the madness, because if they choose to say it, we'll choose to laugh.

You can't make this stuff up.



8 Times Militant Vegans Went WAY Too Far