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Father Passes up Son’s 172″ Target Buck, and Son Eventually Kills It

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A true testament to a father’s love, this dad watches a buck of a lifetime walk by him in hopes of his son getting a crack at it. It pays off, and that is what family is all about.

If you hunt, you know what it is like to become obsessed over one buck. Numerous trail cam pictures, close encounters, and sheds from previous years consume your mind and thoughts.

You have one goal, and it is to put an arrow in this buck that you have so much history with. Evan of Team Radical walks you through one of the most amazing hunting stories you will see.

After a long year of trials and tribulations, Evan finally closes the book on a deer he named Knee High.

But it wasn’t before his father did the unthinkable and let the absolute giant walk 20 yards passed his stand. Watch it all unfold here.

Persistence paid off in this story. Evan decided to switch things up and him and his father went in on New Years Eve to hang a set. On New Years Day, Evan climbed up to about 25 feet and patiently waited in hopes of seeing Knee High.

On an amazing self filmed hunt, Evan seals the deal when Knee High finds himself in range. Closing the book on a well fought battle against the Illinois giant.

The craziest part is that Evan was able to share the moment of recovery with his dad. Shortly before that, Evan’s father passed the buck up at 20 yards and filmed it with his phone in hopes of the deer making it to Evan.

One of the most selfless acts you will see and an awesome act of love from a father to a son. You have got to love the great outdoors.


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Father Passes up Son’s 172″ Target Buck, and Son Eventually Kills It