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14 Times ‘Fish Rights’ Activists Went WAY Too Far

The so-called 'Fish Rights' activists are at it again. What are these people even thinking?

Here's that moment when you need something to protest, but there are not a lot of options. Well, the good people over at the fishing funny farm have just come up with another round of juicy, over-the-top antics that will tickle your funny bone, and burn your brain.

Check out some of the funniest times these folks just had to speak out about something.

1. Dog Hooked

The only thing my dog's hooked on is her fetch dummy.

2. For Cod's Sake

Nyuk. Next.

3. It's Bad for Your Health

Just like sunshine, the outdoors, and whatever they've been drinking.

4. More Hooker Haters

Don't hate on the hookers. They're people, too.

5. Dads: Spare the Fish, Drop the Rod

Who comes up with this stuff?

6. Salmon Farming Kills Seals

It's the sort of the other way around actually. See here.

7. End Fishing

It's impossible. I always have to cast one more time.

8. The Mermaids Have Spoken

When we start catching that, we'll stop.

9. Sorry to Disappoint You

Now the vegans are protesting the 'vegetarians.' Where will it end?

10. Hooked Humans

Some people pay good money for piercings like that.

11. Fish Are Friends Not Food

Only when they nail my buzzbait.

12. Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You

Okay, maybe this T-shirt doesn't specify "fish," but it sure screams "stupid."

13. Abolish Fishing


14. Memorializing Fish

Yes, they actually wanted to make roadside memorials for fish.

...and that's all, folks. But, don't be mad at these people: they have to find something to do until hunting season rolls around, just like the rest of us.

In the meantime, let's treat ourselves and head out to the nearest Bass Pro or Cabela's outlet store for a round of new gear.

Me first.