GRAPHIC: ‘Black Magic Wizard’ Summons Crocodile to Give Up its Human Prey

An Indonesian who specializes in crocodile 'witchcraft' claims to have summoned the creature to return the body of the man it killed.

In the video below, you can see the body of a man who had purportedly been killed by a large crocodile, on the evening of Tuesday July 18, 2017, near Berau, Indonesia.

Syarifuddin (we use his first name only, according to Indonesian tradition) was swimming with friends, including one named Eet, who said that he had never seen a crocodile attack before.

Eet was eager to share a local legend when he said:

"If the person bathes naked, they will definitely be eaten by crocodiles, for sure. If they wear clothes they will not be ambushed."

Apparently, the 41-year-old Syarifuddin had in fact taken all his clothes off.

Warning: the video is quite graphic and disturbing.

Villagers in the local prefect, including desperate family members, had then sought out the help a local crocodile 'expert' to 'cast a spell' and ask the croc to bring the man back... alive.

What can be seen in the video is said to be the crocodile emerging the next morning with the naked body of Syarifuddin in its jaws.

Local officials are now suggesting that it had actually been guarding the victim's body from several other crocs. Still stranger, Police chief inspector Talisayan Faisal Hamid said, (loosely translated)

"It is also very weird that there were three crocodile(s) emerged from the river, such as they were guarding the body, so the body of (Syarifuddin) the victim could be delivered. It is indeed estuarine crocodiles in the river. And people also bathe in the water, so again, it is unlucky that he was killed by the crocodile. The victim, Syarifuddin, had been torn on the right ribs. He was found dead."

Did the shaman have something to do with the man's return? Is crocodile witchcraft for real? Why didn't the croc just eat the man? Were there really three crocs 'guarding' his body??

What do you think?