Firefighters Rescued a Stray Kitten From an ATM and Gave Him the Best Name

Last week, a withdrawal at an Arkansas ATM yielded something paws-itively crazy.

Three Fort Smith firefighters were sent on an unusual rescue mission when they received a call about a stray cat stuck in a Regions Bank cash machine. After carefully deconstructing the machine, the team was able to safely remove the displaced gray tabby. "P-1, R-1 cat stuck in an ATM. Rescue was successful, and the cat was handed over to Animal Control," the fire department reported on Facebook.

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When the kitten arrived at Fort Smith Animal Haven, he weighed just under one pound and was understandably shaken up from his experience. He was also nameless. The staff at the shelter made sure to honor his financial roots by giving him the fitting moniker: "Cash." Alexis Bloom, a cat and kennel tech at the animal center, told 5News that Cash was likely in search of shade when he found himself inside the ATM. In terms of how he got inside the machine, it remains a mystery.

With food, water, and a much-needed bath, Cash is recovering and adjusting well to life outside a bank machine. "Generally, after a couple of days with our handlers caring for them, they become less spicy and just a little bit mild so they can become a little bit more workable," said Ashley Deane, a vet tech at Fort Smith Animal Haven. A little TLC goes a long way, though. "Once you pick him up, he's just a big purr box, that's all, he's just a huge purr box, he's the sweetest little baby," Bloom said.

Once Cash receives his kitten vaccinations, gains some weight, and practices socialization, the fluffy burglar will be ready to find his forever home. (Fort Smith Animal Haven also has plenty of adoptable pets for those in search of a new four-legged friend!)

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