Viral Video Shows Two Snakes Lurking in the Kitchen While the Family Cat Does Nothing

Cats are generally great hunters. When allowed outside, they can help control rodent populations— and not just around their own homes. Cats often visit houses nearby and get rid of unwanted pests in their yards, too. Our cat is on top of this in our neighborhood, which gets her plenty of ear scratches from our grateful neighbors. The downside is that sometimes her hunting prowess extends into the bird and reptile category. She has captured plenty of alligator lizards and even a handful of birds, but seems to leave the snakes alone. Thankfully, all things that slither stay out of our house.

One Massachusetts resident wasn't so lucky. In a viral video posted by TikTok user @thaternie, you can see the terrifying moment he discovered that a couple of milk snakes snuck into his kitchen. The worst part? It happened more than once! These sneaky snakes slithered into his home and under his fridge on two separate occasions. Interestingly enough, he has a cat—but it wants nothing to do with the scaly intruders.


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? original sound - Ernie

In the video of Ernie's first encounter with a snake, the creature can be seen hanging out between the fridge and a cabinet. They managed to remove the non-venomous snake with a pair of tongs and release it into the backyard, where it could safely return home. The milk snake is not venomous, but keeps itself safe in the animal kingdom by mimicking the colors and skin patterns of other deadly snakes.

It turns out that removing the snake didn't solve the problem of how it got inside the house in the first place. Another snake eventually ended up in the kitchen—and this time, it brought a friend.


they?re back and the making out... #mass #massachusetts #westford #milksnake #fyp #foryoupage #shock

? original sound - Ernie

In a follow-up video announcing that "they're back," two snakes can be seen slithering from under the fridge and into the cabinet. In a scene out of a horror movie, all you can see is the two tails flipping up as they escape to hidden ground. The camera then pans to the family cat, whose facial expression says it all. This feline is not getting involved!

One TikTok commenter put it perfectly: "Cat looking like...'I already know what you're thinking, and the answer's hell to da naw!" The cat is content to sit there and meow to alert his pet parent, but isn't going to lift a paw too far beyond that. Either he's not a skilled hunter or he's thinking what everyone else is saying: It's time to start looking for a new house!

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