Huge Snake Hiding In This Photo Leaves Internet Dumbfounded

When Australian residents are faced with a slithery situation, they call Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

Australia is home to several of the world's most deadly snakes, and the country has a widespread reputation for being a place where you always want to watch your step. Homeowners find the reptiles—big and small—in the most unexpected places.

The team at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a "reptilian relocation service," is comprised of professional snake catchers who love what they do. They've been trained to spot snakes in their sneakiest hiding spots—and they know how to capture and relocate the creatures to keep everyone safe.

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While wrangling a large and possibly venomous serpent sounds tough, it's not the hardest part of their job. First they have to find the snake. To show how difficult it can be, they play a regular game called "Spot the Snake" on their Facebook page. Play along with the photo at the top of the page—and don't scroll down if you don't want to see the answer!

How did you do?

Stop scrolling if you don't want to see the snake's hiding spot!

Nearly one hundred people commented on the picture when Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers first posted it online. Some people found the snake, but most guessed wrong. The sneaky serpent, which was identified as a Brown Tree Snake, blended in perfectly with vegetation. These kinds of snakes are typically between two to three feet long. They're mildly venomous, but not considered dangerous to adult humans and haven't caused any known deaths.

Finding a snake in your yard can be an unwelcome surprise for homeowners, but knowing they're lurking in the wild is even scarier. You've got to have good eyes to spot them in their natural hiding spots!

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