This Infographic Explains the Knife Laws in All 50 States

Hi, there! If you're looking for up-to-date knife laws in the USA, this article isn't your best bet. Please go here instead.

Knife laws vary tremendously from state to state. This infographic will help you know your rights and avoid unintentionally breaking the law.

KnifeUp is an excellent online source for questions and information on knife issues. Many of us don't even consider variances in knife laws when traveling from state to state, but we should.

If you get caught in, for example, Georgia open carrying a five-inch pocket knife you've worn on your belt "forever" in Wisconsin, you could find yourself in hot water. Knowing the law helps you know your rights as well.

KnifeUp indicates, "With regards to knife law, things [can get] particularly tricky since a certain knife can be legal in one state and illegal in the next as well as legal in one county and illegal in the neighboring county. The infographic below highlights where certain knives are legal and illegal at the state level."

Refer to this handy infographic on state knife laws and then refer to the Knife Law Guide for All 50 States for specific state laws.

Know your rights!

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