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Here Are 2 Interactive Maps That Tell You the State Knife Laws in All 50 U.S. States

Check the knife laws in the state where you live or may be traveling to to get the most detailed and important knife regulations.

State knife laws can be as confusing and convoluted as State gun laws. It can be tough to know whether or not you're in compliance with the law concerning edged weapons.

But, even though there are many definitions and legalities that vary from State to State, for most of us, carrying a knife is, by and large, a legal practice - as it most certainly should be - and we shouldn't run into any problems in most States. However, some States' laws are stricter (or more archaic and foolish) than others, which can be a big pain for knife owners.

No sweat! There is an excellent resource built by the American Knife & Tool Institute with the help of an expert attorney.

Click here or on the map below to see AKTI's interactive map (desktop only), or use the State links below to be routed to the AKTI state knife laws listing for your location.













According to the map's creators, each State's information will be updated regularly, but you should not take anything on the site as legal advice. It's intended as a general resource only, not a source of any kind of legal counsel.

Another awesome resource for state knife laws is KnifeUp, which you can check out right here or by clicking their map below.

The AKTI and KnifeUp information is more up to date than the infographic map we published a year or two ago, so bookmark this page if you need a reference for the future.

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