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Scott Walker Signs Constitutional Carry Knife Bill Into Law


Scott Walker’s recent signing of the “switchblade bill” overturns a 60-year knife ban. Crocodile Dundee would heartily approve.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently signed Assembly Bill 142, overturning a longstanding ban on concealed carry of certain types of knives, as well as a general prohibition on switchblade knives.

The bill legalizes automatic (switchblade) knives, which have been outlawed for 60 years, an era that Ammoland Shooting Sports News referred to as “the muckraker days, when the media was able to pass nonsensical laws based on ‘trendy’, ‘progressive’, emotional notions rather than on common sense, or any consideration for the Constitution.”

“Wisconsin’s silly and dangerous switchblade ban dates to 1956,” Weingarten continued. “It has been used to fine, convict and incarcerate hundreds, if not thousands of people who were only exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

The new law also allows for constitutional carry of bowie knives and other edged weapons of self defense.

The common sense passage of the bill met with no opposition or controversy, passing with only one dissenting vote in the State Assembly before passing unanimously in the Senate.

Pro-Second Amendment groups, Knife Rights and Wisconsin Force, joined forces in advocating for the repeal of the former ban. Wisconsin Force reported the signing of the bill on their website, saying:

The fact that opening any knife will never be as fast as the more common fixed blade knife needs no explanation. Carrying a knife that needs to be opened in many cases is necessary or desirable to allow the efficient, practical use of this indispensable tool.

Use, not irrational fear, should determine law.  When the intent is to harm or defend, the list of everyday, commonly used items is limitless.  Use, not design, makes almost anything a weapon. The activity that causes harm is what should be punished.

Knife Rights also reported that “AB 142 removes all restrictions on switchblades (automatic) knives and concealed carry of all knives from Wisconsin statutes with the single exception that a person who is prohibited under state law from possessing a firearm may also not go armed with a concealed knife that is a ‘dangerous weapon’.”

During the signing ceremony Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter presented Walker a Pro-Tech TR-4 automatic knife engraved with the Wisconsin state seal and Walker’s name and dedication.

Walker said, “We have over 280,000 people who in the last five years have gone through concealed carry. There’s people all across the state, like my wife who went through a course, got the training, add that added protection. You’ve now got the same thing available for men and women who want one more form of personal safety, and the same provisions apply.”

We all remember the iconic scene in the film Crocodile Dundee where Dundee and his girlfriend are confronted by a trio of would-be muggers.


One of the robbers threatens the two by brandishing a small switchblade. Dundee’s frightened love interest nervously asserts, “He’s got a knife.” To which Dundee casually chuckles, “That’s not a knife,” before pulling out his big bowie for the young punks to see. “That’s a knife!” he retorts. End of attempted robbery!

There you go, the Second Amendment in action.


State Knife Laws: Know What’s Legal and What’s Not [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Scott Walker Signs Constitutional Carry Knife Bill Into Law