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State Fair of Texas Grand Champion Steer Sells for Record $155K at Auction

This proud high school senior sold her steer at a live auction for $155,000! This North Texas student that participated in a live auction at The State Fair of Texas competed and won with her beautiful steer.

How do you not tear up when you watch this video about these students with their animals? The students interviewed are so mature for their age. They raise these animals and then sell them to make money for the state fair scholarship fund.

This steer, 'Oscar' was one of 392 animals that are all competing for the same spot. Since the auction began, it has generated more than $27 million for students and scholarships, including $1.5 million at this year's auction. This is amazing! 

Fox4News provides some details in their story and interviewed the State Fair of Texas Livestock Director.

"They're walking away with an extreme amount of responsibility that these animals have taught them," State Fair of Texas Livestock Director Makayla Cromwell said. "They're waking up, feeding them twice a day, making sure they get exercise, and are fed and watered. They're learning time management, character building. These animals depend on them and it is teaching them a great deal of responsibility."

The steer, raised by Mikala Grady, from Grandview, south of Fort Worth will receive some of the money as well. She seems like a wonderful individual and I'm sure she'll never forget this moment. 

We're always so happy to see these stories in our social media feeds and the Texas youth highlighted in this piece really deserve some attention.

This Grand Champion Steer sells for so much money benefitting a very important cause. I can only imagine all the work that went into raising that steer and this young lady is only in high school. Clearly this was a lot to balance with all the other responsibilities she has at her age.

About The Big Texas Youth Livestock Auction

The Big Texas Livestock Auction is a time-honored tradition at the State Fair that celebrates and supports urban and rural youth across Texas.

"Winning exhibitors are eligible to sell projects through a live auction where sponsors pay premium prices to premium kids. To participate, these youth invest time, compassion and energy with animals in hopes of walking away with the Grand Champion prize."

I think it's wonderful that youth across Texas from cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas all have the opportunity to compete. I'm sure many of these students were competing for the first time and we'll report back with any news from the auction you may be interested in!

If you're interested in learning more about raising steer than check out this guide we found on Amazon.

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