Animal Activists Target 4-H Youth at Iowa County Fair

It is a sad day when we have to tell you to be safe at your county fair this year. It's reported that the Iowa Fair in Johnson County is being targeted by animal activists. The activists have apparently been going around cutting halters and cutting the hairs off the tail of cattle as well as letting the animals out. This is dangerous for everyone at the fair and the youth work so hard and invest so much time caring for their animals. 

There are so many benefits of 4-H and the young people that participate in their local clubs and the county fairs learn a lot about husbandry. Targeting the fair is a terrible place to send a message when children are involved and livestock that can seriously injure humans and other animals.

Beef Magazine and KRCG News reports that animal activists crashed this fair and in an interview with long-time fairgoer Sara Krieger it's evident extra efforts are being made to ensure folks are safe.

"They have been going around and cutting halters of cows and cutting the hairs off the tail of cattle as well as letting the animals out," Krieger said.

Krieger is needing to take her 12 show animals home every single day of the fair for the safety of the animals.

"If you let them loose, they're going to run through the fair, they're going to get caught up in something," Krieger said. "Run people over; these people love their animals and they are well cared for. I put more time in money into my horses than I do myself. If you want to support an organization that combats animal cruelty, you should join 4-H."

Note: PETA is not behind these events.—Y/

A quote in the story reminds me of our county fairs and how well these animals are cared for by the young children in 4-H. These children spend countless hours with their animals and it's terrible animal activists are putting children and animals in harm's way.

4-H families in our community are looking forward to fair season! Farm life is a wonderful way to educate young children!

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