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Auction Features 4-H Steer Raised By Boy Who Died in Accident

This livestock sale was not like any other and so many tears were shed during the auction of a special steer owned by a family that recently lost their son to an ATV accident.

A 12-year-old Cassia County, Idaho boy died after the ATV he was driving slid into a hole on a narrow trail and the machine pinned him in a marshy area.

MagicValley.com tells us that this auction was unique to memorialize the young boy that died and the 4-H steer he helped raise.

"The Cassia County Fair & Rodeo Livestock Sale had a special closing act Saturday. The sale of a 4-H steer that belonged to 12-year-old Sean David Loughmiller, who died in an ATV crash while moving cattle this summer.

Joel Packham, extension educator with the University of Idaho Extension Center in Cassia County, said because of the rules governing the prices of the animals during the sale, the steer was taken out of the sale and auctioned alone afterward."

After the first person bought the animal, it was donated back and sold again. This happened over and over again until the steer was auctioned 13 times. Even after the sale ended the auctioneer continued to take donations by bidders. The event brought in $63,000.

"There was not one crusty old guy at that sale that didn't have tears in his eyes," Packham said.

This livestock auction must have meant so much to the boy's family. This is such a kind gesture by the community to tweak the auction features. This sweet boy died at such a young age. This young man would have been proud of his champion steer and I'm sure his family was very proud!

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