Solar Cooler

Solar Cooler for Camping: No Ice Needed With the ACOPOWER LiONCooler

Cooking on camping camps is achievable with a solar-powered fridge.

Taking an RV on a camping trip is definitely a luxury. Many RV owners would attest that having a mini-fridge to keep your food and drinks cool makes mealtime simple and easy. But before you run to your nearest retailer and buy a traditional mini fridge, consider the alternative: a solar cooler.

We've found a few that we're interested in, but the ACOPOWER LiONCooler is one of our favorites. You'll be one happy camper with this gadget. Thanks to direct sunlight, you can confidently pack perishable items.

This portable cooler is an Amazon best seller for good reason.

ACOPOWER LiONCooler Portable Solar Fridge Freezer

The LiONCooler fridge can chill to an incredible -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Since you don't need to fill it with ice, you'll be able to pack a larger amount of food and drinks than other non-powered coolers can fit. Overall, it has an 8-gallon capacity.

This solar fridge makes a great portable refrigerator and features a digital smart control panel with a Bluetooth-capable electronic temperature control. It's lightweight, and there's a handle and large wheels for easy portability, which means you don't have to keep it at your cabin or tent. You can literally take it anywhere, whether it's a tailgating party or an off-grid wilderness spot!

The LiONCooler uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to stay charged for 10 hours. Once it's dead, you can use solar panels (sold separately) to charge it. Solar power is the way to go when you're camping, but you can also charge it in your vehicle using a 12V DC power bank.

If you're using this at home for barbecues, this cooler works with a 120V AC power cord. With three different charging options, your lithium battery will always find some way to charge.

Solar energy is one power source we often overlook when outdoors, which needs to change. It's reliable, eco-friendly, and available (for the most part) anywhere you find yourself camping or adventuring. A solar-powered cooler is the peak of modern off-grid technology. The run time will vary depending on which power source you're using, but it is said to last for 10 hours at 32 degrees. The compressor is strong enough to reach 32 degrees in only 20 minutes!

With a new high-quality portable fridge, you can create more opportunities for cooking on the road or at your campsite. You can find this solar-powered refrigerator on Amazon. Choose from four different sizes.

ACOPOWER even has a solar panel, a replaceable battery, and a battery charger compatible with this fridge, so you can use portable power or plug it into a camping site's power source.

As far as electric coolers go, the LiON Cooler ranks among the best.