iKamper Skycamp Mini

Check Out the Cool New iKamper Skycamp Mini

The new iKamper Skycamp mini is one cool-looking tent!

If you've been to any major campground recently, you've likely seen those vehicle roof top tents set up somewhere on the grounds.

One of the bigger brands is iKamper. They have just announced the new Skycamp mini, a fast setup tent designed specifically for the roof racks on smaller vehicles. Just like iKamper's popular X-Cover, Skycamp and Skycamp 2x, the mini features an expandable, fiber-reinforced plastic hard shell that expands outward for a fast setup.

This shell is built to be aerodynamic and the company sells an additional wind deflector accessory to help save gas money on longer road trips.

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iKamper says the Skycamp mini can be setup in just one minute. Is there any other camping gear that can claim that?

The big difference here is that previous setups were made more for full-size off-road pickups and SUVs. The mini setup has a much smaller footprint.

That means this two-person tent system can be mounted on the cross bars of a smaller car, Jeep, SUV or even a short bed pickup trucks.

The tent fabric for the Skycamp mini is a water-resistant 300gsm poly-cotton canvas and it comes with a 150-denier rain fly. iKamper says the whole setup is nearly soundproof thanks to double layer of one-inch air insulation. Waterproof zippers help keep the moisture out. As for the floor, it's an insulated honeycomb of aluminum panels designed to hold nearly two tons.

The company hasn't detailed the mattress that is included with the mini, but the other Skycamp models are fitted with a memory foam mattress. We're guessing the Skycamp will have the same.

iKamper is also selling optional mounting bracket locks to keep anyone from stealing your new camper, a shoe rack and storage shelf, and a mini awning that extends out over the ladder. They also sell an inner insulation lining to help keep the tent warm on frostier camping trips.

We really like the idea of this style of tent, mainly because you never have to worry about your tent flooding again. That and the one-minute setup makes this an appealing option for someone who wants to take a short weekend jaunt without a lot of work setting up and tearing down camp.

For more info on the Skycamp mini, visit ikamper.com. The mini officially launches in March.

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