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Snorkler Captures Underwater Footage of Trophy-Size Catfish

What's it like to swim with catfish that are bigger than you? Just ask this snorkeler.

These giant catfish are the size of your body. It sounds terrifying, doesn't it? When I was younger, I remember picking up a book on the history of Kentucky Lake at my grandparents' house.

Within that book, there was a section on the dam's reconstruction. Scuba divers and workers talked about the giant catfish they encountered below the water's surface while they worked. I specifically remember one man talking of fish bigger than his body, claiming they were the size of small trucks.

As a child who loved fishing, these stories always fascinated me. One of the best parts about fishing is knowing every cast could be the one. You just never know what's below, so big-fish stories will make your imagination run wild.

This snorkeler finds something similar to those stories and the footage is pretty incredible. Get a look at the size of these monster catfish.

I began to do some hand-fishing here in the last few years and caught some very large flatheads that surpassed 60 pounds. The adrenaline that comes with being down there with fish that size is insane. However, although they're big, they still aren't nearly as big as a human.

I don't know if those Kentucky Dam workers' stories were even true, but it's still fun to imagine fish that big.

This video of a snorkeler and his selfie stick is the closest thing I've ever seen to those mental images I had.