neighborhood sewer fishing
YouTube: The Fish Whisperer

Could Sewer Fishing Actually Be a Thing?

Neighborhood sewer fishing could be the next big thing. Here's a tutorial.

If you've ever been neighborhood sewer fishing, this isn't news to you. But if you haven't, get ready to have your mind blown.

Sewer fishing will force you to use a little more finesse and patience, but it actually will pay off.

Fish Whisperer makes the distinction that the the sewer must be a storm sewer near a pond and that it can't be a sanitation sewer.

There you have it. It does take some strategy, as the Fish Whisperer shows in this video, but it's absolutely possible. The tackle is fairly standard. Trilene 20-pound-test line with a small circle hook and a 2-to-3-ounce sinker that won't fall through the hole when the fish is hooked.

The great thing about using a circle hook is that one can go inside, get a bite to eat and look out the window to see if there's a fish on the hook. Or, you can just pop up a lawn chair and wait to see what bites.

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