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Storm Drain Fishing is a Real Thing, and This Video Proves It

We see anglers try outside-of-the-box tactics all the time, but it's probably safe to say very few of us have ever seen anything like this. Here we have a group of anglers led by YouTuber Monster Mike, who have determined virtually nothing is impossible, as they attempt to try their luck fishing a storm drain, leaving viewers scratching their heads at the sight of a fisherman with rod in hand standing in the middle of a street.

Urban fishing isn't a new concept, but most examples we see within this genre of angling still take place on an actual body of water. But, these guys wanted to take the concept of unconventional fishing to new heights, or depths that is. But before we take a closer look, you have to ask yourself: are there actually fish swimming down in the sewers around your town, and can you actually catch them?

Watch the video below:

Well, tossing a lure down a storm drain with a fishing rod sure sounds like a nasty and unproductive way of angling. But, sure enough, we have proof that it's possible. Any rational fisherman would start this clip with zero expectations of any kind of positive results, but Monster Mike managed to defy all odds, not only pulling out a fish, but an absolute dandy at that. Among the garbage and storm water, was able to hook and pull up a top-shelf peacock bass from beneath the street.

After watching this, surely you're wondering whether or not you should take a crack at this yourself, as you certainly have a storm drain in mind, and just the tackle kit to take a swing at it. Just when you think you've see it all!