Sneak Peek of Tesla Roadster in New Teaser Video

Tesla has offered a sneak peek at the upcoming Tesla Roadster in action in its latest promotional teaser video.

First posted to CEO Elon Musk's Twitter page , "Tesla 2018," shows the Tesla Roadster cabin at the 1:06 mark and an action clip at the 1:30 mark, out in an open enclosed area, with headlights blaring and instant torque-blasting off the gates before the clip cuts to the Tesla logo.

Slick Specs

Other highlights include a cloaked car, in what could be the upcoming Model Y versus an updated Model S. The entire first-half of the video is a tribute to Tesla's brand and production, with aerial shots of the Tesla facility, Powerwall and solar panel projects, prancing horses across a field, and sweeping shots of factory crew members in action.

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