3 Lame Things About the Tesla Model 3

About half a million people are in line to purchase a Tesla Model 3, but all is not rosy with this entry-level EV.

The Tesla Model 3 has created quite a buzz with its $35,000 starting price and estimated driving range of up to 310 miles.

It isn't named the Model E

After the Model S and Model X, it was rumored that the newest model would be the Model E perhaps showing that Elon Musk has the humor of a 13-year-old.

Still, with this lineup and the upcoming Model Y, Tesla's lineup is looking S-3-X-Y!

It's looks like a mouthless Mr. Anderson from The Matrix

Look, we get that EVs don't need a grille (which are obviously designed to let air into the engine compartment), but the face of the Model 3 looks like it was covered with a wrap and then forgotten about.

It won't be the 2018 North American Car of the Year

Tesla will not provide a Model 3 for North American Car of the Year jurors to test and vote, which means that it will not be eligible for the prestigious award.

It's no secret that Tesla is horrible when it comes to media relations, but looking at reservation numbers for the Model 3 shows that extra press isn't needed (and might probably cause longer wait times).