Elon Musk Promises an Electric Pick Up Truck on Twitter

Elon Musk has made his latest proclamation, promising to build Tesla's first electric pickup truck on Twitter.

In a Tuesday Twitter exchange with followers, Elon Musk, using his @elonmusk Twitter handle, made the revelation to Twitter user "Vancouver Seed Bank," a Canadian marijuana-seed vendor who requested an electric pick up truck.

In response, Elon revealed plans to produce a pickup truck "right after" the Model Y's release, with additional commentary around having "had the core design/engineering elements in my mind for almost five years."

No official statement has come from Tesla on the pickup truck's timing, but the Model Y is scheduled to go into production sometime in mid-2019, providing an approximation of when it will be built.

In subsequent posts, Musk expands on its size, noting it would be slightly larger in total size to the Ford F-150, due to an unspecified feature which presumably would add bulk. According to Ford, a Regular Cab 2017 F-150 is 17-feet long, 6-feet tall, and approximately 6.5-feet wide, excluding its side mirrors.

It also appears other feature requests are in the product development queue to be fulfilled, courtesy of Twitter. Another exchange between Twitter user "Dustin Moskovitz" and Musk appeared to sign off on a second feature request, with Musk replying "Done" to disable Bluetooth auto connect to a driver's phone.

A third request, by Jason Calacanis, CEO, and co-founder of The Weblogs, Inc., parent company of blog site engadget.com, saw a "family arriving home alert" request approved, with Musk replying "Sure." No word on if, and if so, when these updates are expected to be released.