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The Best Snake Boots & Gaiters To Protect Yourself From Venomous Serpents

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If you spend any amount of time outdoors, odds are you're going to encounter a snake at some point. Depending on where you live in the country, it might be a dangerous venomous snake. Wouldn't you want to protect yourself as much as possible? Luckily, a good pair of snake boots can go a long way in keeping you safe.

It's worth noting that snakes aren't looking for people to bite. In most instances, they are going to be more afraid of you than you are of them. However, anyone can step over a log and surprise a rattlesnake or cottonmouth hidden in the vegetation, prompting a defensive strike. Since most venomous snakebites of this nature strike at the feet and ankles of humans, it's never a bad idea to protect these areas. That's where snake boots enter the fray. These products feature thick materials that prevent a snake's fangs from puncturing your skin and injecting venom. Footwear like this could literally save your life, especially when you're deep in the backcountry miles from the nearest road. Fortunately, outdoor boots have evolved over the years and many manufacturers now make comfortable snake-proof boots and gaiters in a variety of styles. There are rubber waterproof muck boots for waterfowl hunters and heavy leather hikers for those wandering into desert rattlesnake territory. We give you a look at some of the top options on the market today:

1. The Best Option for Waterfowl Hunting & Swamps

LaCrosse 4xAlpha Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot (8-13) - Amazon, $209.00

These snake-proof hunting boots feature up to 16 inches of thick rubber protection from venomous bites. These boots are a great option for waterfowlers — they're waterproof and have a sturdy Neoprene insulation. The rubber outsoles of these boots are specifically built for the mud of the swamps where cottonmouths are common. At the same time, the snake guard portion is extremely flexible, making those long walks to the treestand or duck blind much more pleasant in the early morning darkness.

2. A Non-Insulated Option for Hunting in Warmer Climates

Guide Gear Men's Waterproof Snake Boots (8-14) - Amazon, $159.00

Another great option for the swamps, these Guide Gear waterproof hunting boots are made from an extremely tough 900-denier nylon. These are non-insulated, which makes them a great option for southern hunters who don't need to worry as much about the cold. The lining of these boots is moisture-wicking for warmer days and the insoles are removable to make for easy drying. Most reviews note these boots do need a break-in period. However, they also praise the boots for their durability during long days in the field.

3. A Durable, Leather Pair for Hiking or Outdoor Work

If you're planning some extensive hiking in snake country, this is a great option. These leather boots feature thick snake guards that offer 16 inches of protection. At the same time, Rocky keeps these boots breathable by using Gore-Tex fabrics, which also helps the boots to be waterproof, and a suspension footbed to help make these boots extremely comfortable. It's probably a good idea to order one size larger like you usually would with normal hiking boots.

4. A Knee-High Option

Dryshod Men's Viperstop Snake Boot (7-16) - Amazon, $199.95

These rubber and neoprene boots are excellent for both working and hunting. In addition to snake bite protection up to the knees, we also appreciate the airmesh moisture-wicking lining which gives these men's boots excellent air flow. Another nice feature not found on all snake boots is the adjustable gusset. This allows you to change the fit around your calves for more comfort. These boots also get great reviews from users who praise how warm and comfortable they are for a variety of outdoor activities.

5. The Best Option for Women

Rocky Women's Falls Waterproof Snake Boot Knee High (8-13) - Amazon, $123.00+

Unfortunately, it seems like most of the major boot manufacturers aren't making as many women's options in the snake-proof department as they should. Luckily, this pair by Rocky is a solid, dark brown leather knee-high boots that will do the job excellently. They offer 16 inches of protection from rattlers, cottonmouths, and more. Rocky guarantees these boots for one year of waterproof protection with their Vapor Pass technology. At the same time, the Vibram outsole provides superior footing over rough terrain.

6. The Snake Boots That Offer Superior Traction

Thorogood Men's Snake Boot (8-14) - Amazon, $199.99+

Featuring a Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo pattern, these boots offer 17 inches of protection from venomous vipers. They feature cushy EVA midsoles to help make these boots extremely comfortable for a full day of hunting or hiking. They are also waterproof and feature a Z-Trac rubber lug outsole that's going to help you take on a variety of terrain with ease — if you're hiking in muddy or rocky areas and want the best support, these are the boots for you.

The Best Snake Gaiters

If you want to protect yourself even more, another way to do that is with a pair of heavy-duty snake gaiters. Keep them in your car or hunting bag for any unexpected treks.

ForEverlast Snake Guard Chaps - Amazon, $42.95

These gaiters/chaps offer excellent snake bite protection for you lower limbs all the way to your waist thanks to their snake guard technology. However, most users also find them extremely useful for walking through thorns or briars. Some users even report they provide excellent protection from rocks and even the sharp spines of a cactus, too.

Pike Trail Snake Gaiters - Amazon, $49.99

If you're looking for tough, the 1000-denier nylon casing of these gaiters should do the trick. These are extremely light, yet still offer 360 degrees of protection for you lower limbs. We appreciate the fact that these gaiters have stainless steel buckles to help lock them down and keep them in place no matter how strenuous your hike turns out to be. They'll also help protect from cactus, thorns, and pesky briars.

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